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Unified Technology (U-Tech) is a leading information firm for providing solutions and consultations in the field of Information Technology solutions and developed application, Networking and Security Systems. We devote our efforts in supporting companies, private and public sectors in the development of their infrastructure and their own information systems, which help them implement their strategies. U-Tech has the experience and knowledge that enables it to build flexible business applications that are of high reliability and efficiency.

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Our Talented Developers have created the applications with professioncy and great care.

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Our applications are full of useful and great features that will make you excited.

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Our delivery teams are experienced and well prepared to act fast and save your time.

Our Services

Software Development and implementation

U-Tech is a leader in providing Information System and IT professionals to many major corporations in Saudi Arabia.

  • We are proud to have solid Information Systems Professionals, who with the expert knowledge in tools and equipment, study, design, develop, enhance, customize, implement, maintain and support various aspects of Information Technology

Networking and Security

Network services include planning, supplying, installing and managing wired and wireless networks.

  • We take on supplying all standard types of networking devices. Moreover, we offer solutions and security solutions including identity management, risk analysis and its mitigation, protection plans, as well as providing implementation structure such as encryption, remote access, firewall identifications, electronic payment devices.

Technical Consulting

U-Tech provides advanced services in technical consulting to enable its customers adopt the latest and best software applications and IT solutions that keep pace with accelerated growth and progress in the field of information technology, utilizing its featured experiences in cloud computing and management information systems (MIS).

  • Moreover, it is competent in the most important business applications, such as e-Business Solutions, ERP, CRM, GIS, Spatial Information Management Systems, and other services and applications that it offers so as to provide solutions of information technology to its clientele with the highest quality and efficiency.

Mobile App Development

The use of mobile phones for business purposes have had an adverse impact on these businesses.

  • Nowadays, every business is being transformed to be online to get a competitive business advantage in its market. We offer end-to-end Android and iPhone Application Development services to our clients. Our mobile apps are well designed, we use a smooth and aesthetically pleasing UI, so that mobile site visitors can benefit from a streamlined user experience. Our extensive experience in mobile technology entitles us to create a killer mobile marketing strategy for your iPhone and Android application development.

Security Systems and Monitoring

In line with the increasing demand and security awareness in various walks of life, U-Tech provides innovative solutions in building security systems with high quality and reliability.

  • Thus, it tailors for the needs of the local market in all areas of security including theft alarm systems, fire, video surveillance systems, access control systems, central phone systems, and door cameras, based on U-Tech’s strategy.

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